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Hitwise is a division of Connexity, that measures behavior across desktop, tablet, and smartphone devices. Hitwise provides marketers with online insights to help them understand, track, and grow market share. Using Hitwise, marketers can define, understand, and target audiences to optimize their multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Hitwise have disadvantages such as limited access to sales and purchase data, it's hard to deal with function reporting, and insights are basic sometimes, according to Andrea Mortensen at trustradius.com

"Hitwise cons. Sometimes the insights seem a little bit basic. Reporting function is hard to deal with sometimes. Limited Access to sales/purchase data."


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Current Employee - Business Development Manager says

"Minimal Investment in the Product Below average Salary and Commission"

Former Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"Terrible pay. Totally clueless management and a completely impenetrable wall between management and employees. The turnover is incredibly high and everyone seemed to be miserable and resigned to their fate."

Former Employee - Data says

"- Weak compensation for engineering relative to other LA opportunities - see salaries. - The company is very hierarchical and top-heavy. - Lack of transparency from upper management. - The company is sort of directionless - just floating to survive. - Outdated tech stack - small team maintaining and extending a legacy stack."

Business Development says

"no upward mobility or promotions with comp."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Horrible future plan. Kept employees till their major project was delivered and then redundancies happened on massive scale"

Former Employee - Programmer says

"pretentious middle management , badly managed and under appreciated employee. relying on fresh turnout as mention on the below. product isnt great and cant sell when google analytic is free with google owns the web. customer doesnt renew."


"Low bonus rate, and most work without any direction. Often decisions are made by HQ without clear cut communication to country level offices."


"The pay was terrible and there was no way I could get what I was worth."

Current Employee - Senior Software Developer says

"* overworked, 60 hours a week is norm for the unlucky few * clueless management but masters of politics, for instance, you have new managers joining from nowhere and give poor directions to teams of technical experts; and new head of product management that never try out the product herself, they have no clue about product's vision * limited opportunity for promotion and recognition unless you suck up to the manager and he gives you a nice review rating. It doesn't matter how talented you are and what you contributed to the team. As long as you are a smooth talker, and can kiss a few manager and director's rear end, you're in good shape. * despite efforts to improve execution, decision making and leadership accountability is still non-existent. Senior management does not take accountability and blame the staff for not executing fast enough"

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